ISM students are coming from different countries with their own distinct cultures, perspectives, and lifestyles. The main goal of the faculty and administration is to help them to adapt to the new environment. Sometimes simple information about housing, food, shopping, postal and bank services is essential to keep students functioning.

ISM provides opportunity to live in school dormitories  and rent apartments. However, we advise to choose dormitory options for students of the first years of studies. 

Although modern connection capabilities  highly depend on internet, postal and courier services still remain important. Many courier and postal services are available to transfer documental and non-documental goods. Along with the well-established EMS postal service, others like DHL, Blue Dart have always been available. ISM students can receive any postal correspondence and any other messages delivered to the ISM headquarters, which  dispatch them safely to the addressees.

There are many international and national banks in Bishkek. However, students mainly use their country bank accounts for money transactions through Visa, Maestro or Master debit cards from many ATM scattered all over the city. They can also open personal bank accounts in the banks based in Bishkek to perform necessary transactions. Money transfer systems like Western Union, Money Gram, Migom, and others can help in any kind of money transfer across the world.

We are trying to minimize risk that can affect student’s health and we urge students  to take care of themselves while making their transactions. We require that each student go through annual medical checkup that is offered in our school. 

Residence hall life is an essential aspect of your ISM experience. During your stay here, you’ll find fellows who share your interests and some of them will first be your neighbors and roommates to most likely become your lifelong friends. We encourage students to form clubs by interest and provide many opportunities such as join International Student’s Network –TÜNDÜK, ISM Student Council  and attend dance, music classes.

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